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A new federal policy allows you to finance for an ADU. What you need to know

In an effort to address the nation’s affordable housing crisis, the Federal Housing Administration announced a new policy Monday that will make it easier to buy or refinance a house with an accessory dwelling unit, or build a new ADU.

Previous rules for FHA-backed loans would allow lenders to consider rental income from duplexes but not ADUs. Under the new policy, lenders will be allowed to count


How to build an ADU in Utah

Brooks Gibbs was 57 years old when he got laid off from his job as a communications engineer. Landing a well-paying job in his field seemed unlikely at that point in his life, so he turned to something new.

He started learning about accessory dwelling units (ADUs), sometimes called mother-in-law units or granny flats. There was growing interest in them as one solution to the housing problem facing Western states


Healey’s ADU proposal: small homes, big impact – The Boston Globe

By most accounts, the funding package seems to be moving through the Legislature with little opposition. But the act also includes more than two dozen non-spending policy provisions intended to speed housing construction. Not all of these provisions seem assured of passage, housing advocates and state officials say. Perhaps most prominent among these endangered initiatives is one that would allow homeowners to build small “accessory” dwelling units, known as ADUs, on properties zoned for single-family

Pasadena ADU

Pasadena Unveils Standard Plans Program to Simplify ADU Construction, Offers Pre-Approved Plans and Streamlined …

Shed with terrace and wooden garden furniture during spring

Pasadena residents planning to embark on Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) construction projects should now have a clearer path forward with the city’s newly launched Accessory Dwelling Unit Standard Plans Program.

By offering pre-approved plans and streamlined approval procedures, the city aims to demystify the ADU process and to empower homeowners to enhance their


In brief: Concord’s preapproved ADU housing plans can save time, money


The city of Concord has officially introduced its preapproved Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) program to help people save time and money during the design, planning and permitting process of building an ADU.

Thanks to a grant from the California Department of Housing and Community Development, Concord was able to create six building code-compliant, construction-level drawings, which are now available to the public at no cost. Sometimes called “granny units” or “in-law


All about ADUs, Part 2

Last month, we featured San-Diego-based architect Lily Robinson, who explained what accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are and the benefits they offer homeowners. In Part 2 of our interview, we’ll explore the design process and the ADU experience.

Q: Tell me about your property and the decision to build the ADU that you now live in?

A: The original house is a 1200-square-foot, single-story, Spanish-style home built in 1926. I bought the property


Garden City expands ADU size, but tiny home on wheels talks still … –

If you’d like to build an ADU in Garden City, you’ve got some new ground rules to follow.  Garden City City Council is in the final stages of approving a new set of rules governing accessory dwelling units, or mother-in-law suites. The small, secondary homes have become more popular as the Treasure Valley grows and homeowners are looking for options to house family members close by or make extra rental income. These new rules expand


Add value in your backyard with an ADU

There’s no ignoring the current housing crisis in California. California needs approximately 3.5 million new housing units by 2025, according to Gov. Gavin Newsom. Many experts see accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, as a possible solution to this issue by providing additional housing for family members or renters on existing properties. One key step is finding the right partner to craft a sustainable, turnkey home.

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